Having trouble updating your Drupal 8 Website? Then this Guide is for you…

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Having trouble updating your Drupal 8 Website? Then this Guide is for you…

by Admin

Posted on May 14, 2019 23:22 PM

With each release of the latest version of Drupal 8 comes the need to update your current Drupal 8 to the latest version. This process is not as straight forward as it sounds. Since current existing Drupal 8 sites could have been installed initially in 3 different scenarios:

Scenario 1: You have installed your site initially through Composer using the drupal/drupal deprecated package.

Scenario 2: You have installed your site initially from a tar.gz or zip file.

Scenario 3: You have installed your site using git clone from the Drupal.org main repo.





With this initiative I propose adopting the template from "drupal-composer/drupal-project" as the new universal template for all Current Drupal 8 Projects. This new template structure can be seen in the diagram below:

Drupal 8 New Folder Structure

Besides making updating Drupal 8 much easier, this template introduces a new feature where the current environment is saved in the .env file outside the webroot. This is a significant security feature since now your important environment settings can not be publicly accessible.


Ahmad Khalil
Watch the demo below to see how easy it is to use this new plugin...
You can find all this information and more on the Repo page link below:

Github Repo Link

Enjoy! If you have any comments/questions, please let me know by commenting here. Also, if you have any issues or possible problems you can post them here:

GitHub Repo Issues Link

To continually innovate you have to adopt a passion to learning something new everyday...

Ahmad Khalil